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Welcome To Catawba County Paranormal Investigators & Paranormal Voyages!
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Hi and welcome to Catawba County Paranormal Investigators & Paranormal Voyages. The soul purpose of this site's  for people who are experiencing paranormal activity, our group is  located in Claremont NC & Las Vegas, Nevada. If you would like to contact us for an investigation free of charge whether in be HOME or BUSINESS please do so by clicking the CONTACT button above and we will respond asap!

    We have done a number of investigations across the US and received many striking results! Our team is non profit but Donations are welcome for battery's and new equipment to help our evidence further.

Our goal is to investigate the paranormal and gather evidence to learn more about the unknown. Please remember there are no experts in this field, only people who may have a little more experience than others.



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 The term ‘Paranormal’ is defined as a phenomenon or an experience that is beyond or unexplained by conventional theories of science.

Paranormal Activity includes Clairvoyance, Extra Sensory Perception, Reincarnation, Ghosts, Levitation, Prophesy, Telekinesis, Remote Viewing, and Precognition and so on.

None of these phenomenons can be explained by laws of science. They are therefore, held to be, unexplainable.



All matter is composed of energy – either in the form of moving particles held within the confines of a solid state body, or in the form of some form of energy itself. This means, that in effect, all things are composed of the same thing – energy.

Energy in one form is always converting from one form to another. It is never static. It keeps on flowing.

There are several dimensions in which reality exists. Some dimensions are visible to the human eye, while some aren’t. Even the human eye has its limitations – not even science can deny that. That is why we use microscopes.

We cannot deny that things that we cannot see or hear may actually exist. Perhaps, they do, but in some other dimension. It’s just not visible or audible to us.

Somewhere in here lies an explanation for Paranormal Activity.


 Modern Acceptance of Paranormal Activity:

Science has progressed so far today, to accept multi-dimensional reality. Quantum Physics has shocked the scientific community with its contrary-to-normally-held-theories in Physics. There are tests to measure and qualify the ability for ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). Voices of spirits are being recorded on tape to provide evidence. Shocking and startling facts are revealed by persons who have experienced Out of Body experiences. Various kinds of sensitive machinery are being built by scientists to study Ghostly Phenomenon. Proofs even exist in the form of photographs.

Old Crowell Memorial Hospital.

Old Crowell Memorial Hospital Investigation Lincolton NC, lot of activity there if you could imagine. Click the photo to the right to view some of the history on this location, and view our photo gallery to see some of the photos that were taking the night of the investigation.

  This photo was taken at the hospital during the investigation and if you look where the double door is open there seems to be a transparent figure sitting down against the wall. If you look you can see the wall and door jam through it.

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